As a water company that relies on nature, we take responsibility to help protect it. MadeBetter is our pledge to a healthy planet and healthy communities. Here’s what we’re doing.



Like many of you, we’re on a journey to reduce waste. Since 2016, all individual-sized Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring water bottles made in California contain 50% recycled plastic, and are 100% recyclable* when empty, so they can be transformed into new bottles over and over again.

We are also proud to offer a reusable 5-gallon bottle. When empty and returned, we sanitize and refill up to 25 times before finally recycling it.

*labels and caps excluded.

We are excited to announce that our 1.5L bottle is made with 100% recycled* plastic.  We are also proud to offer a reusable 5-gallon bottle. When empty and returned, we sanitize and refill up to 25 times before finally recycling it

Track Your Bottle

Are you interested in following the journey of the water in your bottle from the spring? Click HERE to learn more and trace back to the exact day it was sourced from the earth, and more!



The Arrowhead® Brand 100% Natural Mountain Water you're drinking was carefully sourced from natural springs in the mountains of California, Colorado and British Columbia.  Meet Larry, who is a part of a team of hydrogeologists and field experts that monitor water flows, track precipitation levels and even study the areas’ biodiversity.  All of this is to help ensure the springs and surrounding areas are sustainably managed. And to get the highest quality water delivered fresh for you.

Our Midwest bottling facilities are some of the only sites in the U.S. to be independently certified by the Alliance for Water Stewardship, which demonstrates our use of water is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.



We know how essential water is, especially during times of crisis. During the COVID pandemic, when 30% of the Navajo Nation didn’t have running water in their homes, we donated nearly a quarter million gallons to their community, and we will continue to be there for communities in the West when support is needed.

Visit the pledge page and make recycling a part of your own pledge to help our communities be made for a better tomorrow. For every pledge made, we will donate a bottle of water to a community in need.




Our bottles are designed to the standards of Association of Plastic Recycling (APR) to be 100% recyclable. We even designed our labels to peel off easily to avoid contaminating the recycling stream.

Unfortunately, less than 30% of PET plastic is recycled in the U.S. That means a shocking 68% ends up in the waste stream. But together we can change this. The more plastic you recycle, the more we can use to create new recycled bottles, and the less plastic waste is generated.

If you need more recycling tips, look for the How2Recycle info on our labels or visit for details specific to your community.


Recycling Matters