Western Born and Bound

At Arrowhead® Mountain Spring Water, we source our water from naturally occurring mountain springs in California, Colorado and Canada for communities in and west of the Rockies. From the way we source our water to the recycled plastic in our bottles, we believe there are a lot of things that put us a sip above the rest.

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San Bernardino Mountains, CA, 2015

Bringing the Mountains Home For Decades

We source our water from 13 different springs all in and west of the Rockies. And we may be able to deliver straight to your door.

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Sourced Local, Staying Local

Our 100% mountain spring water comes From 13 mountain springs Sourced and distributed in and west of the Rockies

Committed to California

See our conservation efforts in our home state.

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San Bernardino Mountains, CA, 2015

Like Nature, Every Bottle Is Different

Whether you’re out getting back in touch with Mother Nature or relaxing at home, we have the bottle or the pack for you, no matter how thirsty you are.

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