As a water company that relies on nature, we have a responsibility to take action and protect it. MadeBetter is our pledge to a healthy planet. Here’s what we’re doing.


Like many of you, we’re on a journey to reduce waste. That’s why, since 2016, we have used 50% recycled plastic across our individual-sized still water bottles made in California. It gives existing materials new life, and can help keep plastic out of landfills and waterways. Over and over again, when recycled.

We are also proud to offer a reusable 5-gallon bottle. When empty and returned, we sanitize it and refill up to 25 times before finally recycling it.

Recycling Matters

Less than 30% of PET plastic is recycled in the U.S. That means a shocking 68% ends up in the waste stream. But together we can change this. The more plastic you recycle, the more we can use to create new recycled bottles, and the less plastic waste is generated.