Facing the Drought here at home


Like all of our neighbors in California (and throughout the West), we share concerns about the severe regional drought. And as a bottled water company with operations throughout California, we understand why you may have questions about our business and our production in the face of these challenges. So we’re here to answer those questions as best we can.

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Where does the California spring water that you bottle go and how much stays in California?

Almost 80% of the mountain spring water we collect in California is delivered in the Golden State for the enjoyment of our fans. Like any local business, we have deep connections to the local communities in which we operate and to their environments. Learn more about how we stay responsible to California.

What specifically are you doing in California?

We’re a part of the California community — and so are the 1,200+ Arrowhead® employees who live here. So we’re committed to finding ways to save water and to conserve throughout our operations. By monitoring and managing each individual spring, we help care for the spring sources and their surrounding environments and since 2016, new technology in our California bottling plants have helped save approximately 65M gallons of water per year. See more on our efforts in California.

How efficient is your bottling process?

We’re proud to say that Arrowhead® is one of the most efficient producers in the industry. In fact, we were able to produce each bottle using 3.2% less water than we did from 2008-2012. Bottled water is the most water efficient beverage to produce. On average, we take 1.36 of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water – the lowest operation water footprint within the beverage category.

How much water does Arrowhead® withdraw in California?

Monitoring and adjusting operations to ensure long terms sustainability of the source.


What steps is Arrowhead® willing to take to adjust its operations in the SBNF?

Having conducted more than 30 separate biological and hydrological studies over the last two years in connection with the application to renew Special Use Permit #7285, we have submitted to the United States Forest Service (USFS) a proposed Final Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) that provides transparent, science-based methods for managing water collection at the Arrowhead® Springs and adjusting our operations when conditions meet interim triggers. This plan reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainably manage the Arrowhead® Springs we steward.

Is that water use negatively affecting the National Forest?

No, we manage our operations for long-term sustainability. We only collect water that naturally flows to the surface of our Arrowhead® spring site in Strawberry Canyon. Our team regularly monitors the spring water flows and environmental conditions at this site.

How much water are you collecting at Arrowhead® Springs?

In calendar year 2015, we reported collecting approximately 36 million gallons. Looking over the longer-term, what was collected in 2015 is 29% less than the average over the last ten years, which had the majority of years without drought condition.

Why shouldn’t the Forest Service be able to regulate water use in a National Forest?

The Arrowhead® Brand has held senior water rights to the springs in Strawberry Canyon since the late 1800s—since before the creation of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Water rights are derived from California state law, not from the federal government. In California, the State Water Resources Control Board is exclusively authorized to regulate the state’s surface water. The Forest Service is required to recognize and comply with state law governing the use of water on federal lands, and has historically honored Arrowhead’s water rights by continuously permitting a right-of-way for the spring water pipeline across the SBNF. The current permit acknowledges this deference to state water law.

We believe the Forest Service’s Proposed Action exceeds its legal authority to regulate water and disregards the state laws that administer water rights both on and off federal land.

We are concerned that the Forest Service’s proposed action would disrupt established water rights and create inconsistent management of the state’s water resources. California businesses and consumers rely on the established system to regulate water use.

Does Arrowhead® have a legal right to collect spring water from the San Bernardino National Forest?

Yes. The Arrowhead® Brand has been bottled for 122 years based on the most senior water rights under California law. This dates back before the creation of the San Bernardino National Forest (SBNF). Our permit with the USFS is related to the use of the right-of-way where our four-inch, stainless steel water pipeline is located.

What is the status of your permit in the San Bernardino? Has Arrowhead® been operating illegally without a valid permit?

We are pleased that the USFS has decided to renew our special use permit in the San Bernardino National Forest, which enables us to continue using an existing pipeline for transporting water. As always, our commitment to sustainability remains our top priority. Learn more at Status of Permit.

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